The report "Swedes and the Internet 2011" released in English

Now you can read the report Swedes and the Internet 2011 in english. It is an annual report from .SE in which the Internet habits of Swedes are examined.

The report shows that there are now more computers than people in Swedish households – the average is 2.8 computers and 2.5 people. Meanwhile, the major breakthrough of the mobile Internet has arrived and its use has doubled.

The Swedes and the Internet 2011 report indicates that the Internet continues to proliferate among an increasing share of the population, although the rate of proliferation is now very slow. On average, we spend 20 hours a week online and we visit social media sites like never before – more than half of all Swedes now have a Facebook account. We have embraced Spotify and play digital games more than ever. Internet use also continues to spread downward among age groups – half of all three-year-olds use the Internet nowadays.

You can read a summary of the report here or download the whole report as a pdf.

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